Online Level 2 Customer Service E-Learning.


The Level 2 Customer Service e-learning course has been created to enhance the customer service knowledge of learners in all workplaces, including both commercial and not-for-profit organisations.


This e-learning course is loaded with interactive content to help engage learners and reinforce their knowledge. Examples of interactive content include drag-and-drop exercises, scenario-based, multiple-choice questioning and end-of-module tests.


What the course covers

The Level 2 Award in Customer Service e-learning course is a total of 4 modules, written specifically to cover the entire knowledge element of the level 2 award. These units are as follows:

  1. Customer service principles
  2. Customers’ needs and expectations
  3. Behaviour and interpersonal skills
  4. Responding to problems or complaints


Assessment and achievement

The assessment of the learner throughout the duration of the course will take place through the following:

  1. Interactive activities – These ensure that knowledge is continually reinforced throughout each module and serve to enhance the engagement of the learner
  2. Full end-of-module assessment – To successfully complete each module, learners must answer 5 out of 5 multiple-choice questions correctly. Should the learner answer up to 2 questions incorrectly on their first attempt, they will be taken back to the questions so they can identify where they have gone wrong and attempt to answer them a second time. If they fail to answer a question correctly the second time or get more than 2 questions incorrect on their first attempt, they will be taken back to the section of the course where the answers are covered and then attempt to answer the questions again.

The completion of all the above assessment methods will result in the learner successfully completing the course.


Career progression

The learners who successfully complete the course will then be able to go on to be formally assessed to achieve the Level 2 Award in Customer Service.


This qualification can be used in all sectors where there is a requirement for dealing directly with customers.




Enrollment Options.

Complete this Level 2 Customer Service online course and then 'Qualify at Home' with an e-assessment and remote online invigulation, all organised by our awarding body at a mutually agreed time.



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