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Level 2 Award in Conflict Management (RQF).

This accredited qualification meets the requirements of anyone with a customer-facing role who deals with service users or the general public. It is also relevant to those who would like a better understanding of the prevention of conflict, giving them more confidence in dealing with situations as they arise.


This qualification is generic and can be applied to a wide range of learners and sectors.


Benefits of the Qualification

Subjects covered by the conflict management qualification include legislation, clear communication, proactive service delivery, situation assessment and managing unrealistic expectations. There are a number of benefits for businesses in entering employees for this qualification, one of which is improved customer service levels.


Following the completion of this award the learner will know how to:

  • communicate to solve problems and reduce the potential for conflict
  • identify the factors that influence human responses in conflict situations
  • assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
  • communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in emotive situations
  • use good practice after conflict situations

This qualification is suitable for learners over the age of 18. It is delivered over 1 day with some pre-course reading and assessed by a multiple choice exam.

Course Factsheet
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Open courses are inclusive of tuition, examination fees and a course handbook. Free follow up support will also be available from your tutor.


Location Dates Price



22nd May 2020

4th December 2020

£75.00 +vat

Group bookings for 6 or more are available on demand either at our centre or at your premises. Please contact us for a quote.

QNUK Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace (RQF)


Who is this for?

This qualification is for those working in environments where they are likely to have to deal with agressive individuals. Examlples may include those working in service industries or retail. The qualification is not for those that are likely to have to intervene in violent situations.


You will:

  • Be able to outline the legal aspects related to work related violence
  • Define the term violence at work
  • Outline the legal requirements related to preventing work related violence
  • Identify common occupations that are at greater risk of work related violence
  • Outline why incidents of work related violence need to be recorded
  • Be able to state common risk and control factors related to workplace violence
  • Outline ways to reduce the risk of violence occurring, including controls in relation to: 
    • Work environment
    • Workplace procedures 
    • Security systems
    • Networking with other businesses
  • Be able to recognise and manage incidents of aggression and abusive behaviour
  • List reasons why someone may become aggressive or abusive

  • Describe how to recognise when someone is becoming aggressive

  • Explain how to manage a confrontational situation using interpersonal skills.

  • Outline the actions that should be taken by employees, after a confrontational or abusive situation.



This qualification is available to those over 16 years. Candidates should be at least a level 1 numeracy and literacy or equivalent


Progression route:

Learners may progress onto the following qualifications:

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)

Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)


The course is delivered over one full day and assessed by multiple choice examination and practical assessment.


This course is only available for group bookings of 4 or more either at our Moulton centre or at your premises. Please contact us for a quote.

Level 2 Award in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety (the revised and re-branded former CIEH Course).

This course provides learners with a foundation in conflict resolution. It emphasises the importance of personal safety when protecting themselves against confrontational behaviour.


Who needs this course?


Anyone whose work involves being in contact with others. This includes colleagues, customers, patients, clients or members of the public.


Why is this training important?


Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their employees.


Learning outcomes


  • Understand the terminology used in conflict resolution
  • Know the laws that apply to businesses and their employees
  • Learn the concepts of a safe working environment, including how the risk of conflict can be assessed
  • Recognise potential confrontational situations and defuse conflicts before they escalate to serious violence
  • Appreciate the importance of personal safety.


This course is suitable for learners over the age of 18. It is delivered over 1 day and assessed by a multiple choice exam.


This course is only available for group bookings of 4 or more either at our Moulton centre or at your premises. Please contact us for a quote.

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