Understanding Reasonable Force.

The aim of this course is to give delegates a better understanding of the use of force, relevant legislation, the context of legislation and applying the national decision making model. It will also protect security operatives through effective report writing.

QNUK Level 3 Award in Understanding Reasonable Force (Security) (RQF).


The Level 3 Award in Understanding Reasonable Force (Security) has been developed to enable those working in a security setting to gain a greater understanding of the laws that pertain to the use of force.


This qualification now sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework or RQF giving it national recongition and accreditation.


Topics covered include:


Unit 1 - Principles of reasonable force for security personnel

Understand Human Rights legislation as it applies to the individual and the use of force

  • Describe the basic purposes of the human rights act
  • Outline the basic principles of the Human Rights Act
  • Define the terms: • Reasonable force • Necessity • Torture
  • Explain the factors to consider before taking action that requires reasonable force

Know how to use the national decision-making model

  • Outline how the national decision-making model relates to use of reasonable force decisions
  • Recognise the benefits of using the national decision-making model
  • Outline the elements of the national decision-making model

Understand the importance of justification through incident report writing skills

  • Justify the importance of completing an incident report
  • Recognise the information that should be included in an incident report
  • Complete an incident report that clearly demonstrates justification for use of force
  • State the different types of paperwork to be completed after an incident


Unit 2 - Legal requirements of Reasonable Force (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Understand the law in relation to reasonable force as it pertains to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Differentiate between Statute and Common Law as they pertain to use of force & self defense
  • Outline the principles of use of reasonable force during arrest
  • Describe various Common Law precedents that pertain to the use of force / self defense
  • Explain how reasonable force relates to self-defense
  • Explain why disorderly conduct should not be allowed on licensed premises


The qualification is made up of 2 units. The first unit; priniciples of reaosnable force for security personnel is undertaken by all learners. It is assessed through a multiple choice assessment paper and a written report. The second unit; Legal requirements of reasonable force has two options, the chosen one will depend on where you will be working.

  • Option 1 is for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Option 2 is for Scotland.

By default we will assess everyone for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but please ensure you let us know well in advance if you require Scotland instead.


This course is delivered over a minimum of 7 hours.


This course is currently only available for group bookings of 4 or more either at our Moulton centre or at your premises. Please contact us for a quote.

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